Platina Pillango is the exclusive representative and distributor of "Teploceramic" brand in Hungary and throughout the European Union. Ceramic infrared heating panel "Teploceramic" is an advanced heating system with using only  environmentally friendly materials, modern design and maximum energy efficiency.

Ceramic infrared heating panel

The newest technology useing in heating systems ceramic heating panels, combines classic convection heating and soft thermal infrared waves.


For biophysical effects on the human body infrared waves has healing properties and creates exceptional comfortable stay in heated rooms. This revolutionary technology heating saves 70% electricity.


The service life of 30 years! 5-year warranty!



The basis of the electric panels incorporated two fundamental types of heating: convection type and infrared heating type.


Convection type.

This type was based on a natural thermal convection of air in the confined space and the room until the infrared heaters are widely used in almost all models of heaters. Convection - a process of transferring heat from one place to another by moving air masses. As big is the difference of temperature between heat sources, that more intensive is convection. Traditional heating system, to which we are accustomed to act opposite to the infrared. First, in the indoor air is heated, which heat is obtained later the people who are in the middle. This is a rather lengthy process, because the heated air (especially in high spaces) rises to the ceiling and causes the inflow of cold air to the floor. There is a bundle of air masses, when the temperature increases at the top and the bottom, where there are people, the air is cold. Heat losses are increasing, and to accelerate the process of convection is necessary to use a fan. It explains that the fact that for a long time heating the entire air volume of the room, spent far more energy than would be required under natural conditions.

Infrared heating.

This type of heating is based on heating the objects in local zones (without warming the air between the source and target) that are warmed, give off heat to the air space of the room.

Its popularity this kind of thermal transfer efficiency obtained for their mobility and use to minimize the cost of operation. The darker the object is, that more infareded energy can be absorbed by it. Infrared emit different wavelengths all heated objects and living beings. Therefore, it is infrared benefit of all life on Earth, as we all know, that the most effective and natural heater in the world - is the Sun.

And the best solution was to combine these two types of heating succeeded in electric ceramic panels. They heat a room by impeccable Convention and soft infrared heat flow (also known as 'waves heat'). Biophysical influence of panel to the human body can be compared with the Finnish stove which has therapeutic indications and produces thermal comfort in the room.

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